August 16, 2013


Hello, people! A long time no post again... So sorry :( blame my laziness ugh. Three times in a row (include this post), I made outfit posts with my diy sneakers! :P Many friends asked me how did I do that to my sneakers? Well, it's really really simple. You just need a brush, combination of white glue (mod podge or fox are the same) + glitters, then paint your sneakers bling!

I give you smile face and smile eyes in this post ...or better I make that forever-no-smile on my face?

scarf - mom's, dress - unbranded, vintage bag , bling sneakers - diy

Currently read this book. I'm not gonna tell you how the story is :p

Also, you'll always find this journal in my bag wherever I go. 

A journal from the loved ones, a bestie. I can conclude that we're too sehati. At that time (few months ago) I wanted a fun journal with pictures, typoghraphies, and colourful from a well-known magazine but I couldn't find one since it's very fast sold. My bestie who was abroad texted me to go to her house in Yk because she had a package for me. I was surprised and happy got the package, so I texted her exagerrately :'D It has everything I want. Quote is everywhere! (I really love quotes, by the way)

ok, a typo there...

one of my fav inside the journal