June 27, 2013


...I know I've been a bad blogger, I'm so sorry *bersihin sarang laba - laba*. June definitely wants me to be a better-tougher-wiser girl. So many ups and lots of downs. If you asked me, am I okay or no, so so is my answer. He wants me to be as strong as titanium, maybe.

Enough with that blabbering. Saya mau pamer! Hoahahaha. The picts below are my DIY-things for the Golden Night (as known as 6olden Night - my school's prom). The dress, the shoes, and my hair. Let's start with the dress first.

Back in day when I didn't know what I have to wear, I was asking my-stylist-friends Gilang and Akib. Then we agreed with DIY, little black dress plus glittery tile. Akib was so kind made me the design for the dress :') I thank ya both, guys! The shoes, actually I wanted to give them Miu Miu-like-look (see here) but then I turned into bling sneakers, without the rhinestones. Simple, super comfy yet cetar enough for prom. Limitation on budget made my brain more creative. Ah so proud of myself :'] *tepuk pundak sendiri*

Take a look at my hair! :D Yes, I hairchalked them. In this picture, I chalked them lilac (salmon + purple) and this is not the colour I used for prom. I used purple for prom but sadly it was fade away after two hours appliance and left super thin purple on my hair... Since my hair is black, so the thin-purple-left-on-my-hair was seen as fade black.

Closer look to my bling sneakers
The Golden Night was held on my birth date :') I don't know the comittee did it on purpose or no *kegeeran kamu* but I really thank you guys because my birthday night turned so fab. Also thanks a lot for those sarap friends who gave me surprises and gifts - Viki, Intan, Devito, Anisa, Anggi, Pepi, Rani, Bella, Gilang, and Ady. Akib who sent his wishes through radio when he was airing :') Billion hugs and loves for Wintang and Mila too, my alay ldr for the wishes, and for aaaallll who wished me to be a better better Tita. I promise you I will.

June 23, 2013

A Week Ago

Mila: eh, tak, what do you want for your birthday?
Tita: cinta
Mila: tangable thing!
Tita: you
Mila: i'm yours, you don't even have to ask
Tita: kissu kissu kissu!
Mila: serious...
Tita: i'm serious. i want to take a walk and sleepover with wintang and you. that's all.
Mila: but we havent' gone home yet.
Tita: i'll wait you.

June 8, 2013

Graduated Girls

These pictures say, "We're officially graduated!" :) Look at those happy faces. Intan and I had the same graduation day (2nd June), so she asked me to give a little surprise for Viki. We went to Viki's high school today... and I was screaming when I saw her :p Can we put Vitamin C's The Graduation Song as  a backsong?