May 2, 2013


I make my latest post into two, the first and this one... I didn't have enough time yesterday yet too excited to post the last shoots with Hana and Riza :p

If you notice, Hana wore the different outfit from the first post and in this post. Yes, she changed her outfit after the duet shoot. How niat Hana bawa bawa baju buat shoot kali ini. Saya cuma komentar, "kamu mau pindah rumah atau gimana?"

A few days before we did this shoot, Hana and I were confused about 'what is the main code for our shoots?'. I wanted a strong-look, Hana wanted a girly-look. Aaaaa at first I was about to reject Hana's idea since most of our shoots before was vintage-girly-look, but no, that wasn't happen. We did both! Wait for the other post :D

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