May 1, 2013

: and )

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya saya bisa acak acak untuk membuat postingan lagi :) Yes, I'd been through those national examinations and alhamdulillah I felt not-so-damn-difficult. Let Allah do the rest, I'd done my best. In this post I'm into floral again and again because I thought a blooming flower means a new great life. Just like me now. I'm a half way to my new great life, as university student :)

Did a duet with Hana and Riza as the photographer... So happy! Since a few months ago we couldn't meet because of the super-padat-ujian-ujian heheheh.

the detail on my skirt
I'll post the other pictures later as soon as possible :D I have to go, have a great great day (and holiday!).

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