May 29, 2013

Deal With It

Saya nggak jarang mendengar cerita siapa tidak menyukai siapa berujung pada permusuhan atau siapa bermusuhan dengan siapa. Jujur saja saya dulu juga begitu. Dulu. Sebelum saya bertemu lebih banyak orang dan lebih banyak belajar. Pemikiran saya perlahan-lahan mulai terbuka ketika memasuki masa SMA dimana saya sadar bahwa tidak semua hal yang tidak saya suka bisa saya gugat. Iya, saya belajar untuk memiliki rasa toleransi yang tinggi.

Akan selalu ada yang suka dan tidak suka pada kita kan? Apalagi saya yang kalau diam kelihatan galak atau sengak... atau keduanya. I'm good with that. Tinggal bagaimana menanggapinya. Kalau saya pribadi, selama seseorang hanya tidak suka dan tidak sampai mengganggu hidup saya, saya akan diam. Kalau mulai bikin gerah, saya pilih samperin orangnya ketimbang ngomong di sosial media tanpa sebut nama yang akhirnya kesindir sejagat raya. Saya nggak bisa memaksa orang lain menyukai saya kan? Saya juga nggak mau hidup saya dikontrol sama suka-tidak sukanya orang lain. Sedih amat. Maka, dalam opini saya nggak ada yang namanya musuh. Yang ada hanya orang - orang yang tidak menyukai kita, entah itu tingkah, pemikiran, atau ucapan.

Jangan berlebihan.

Seenggak sukanya saya sama orang pun, saya nggak akan anggap dia musuh. Buat apa. Nanti kepikiran, nanti ngebakar kalori dalam tubuh saya yang nggak seberapa ini.

May 28, 2013

Neon Stripes

In my thought, stripe pants = circus and carnaval eheheheh :p But I do wrong, that's just stereotipe. Even fun-printed-clothes can go in a semi and/or formal way. So yes, I matched it with a white blazer for a touch of formal masculine-feminim and a pair of my supercomfy loafers.

Ah ya, I was graduated from my high school :') Alhamdulillah, so happy that Allah always listen to my prayers. I do believe in specific prayer besides hard work and parents' blessing. For example, when you want to pass your examination, say what score do you want to get and pray everyday plus study diligently. When you've done, let God do the rest. Even when you aren't reach your target, you won't be over sad because you know you did your very best. Keep your chin up and try to be the better you because you're still young and your big dream is waiting for you.

For everyone who didn't pass SNMPTN, I know that you actually can beat SBMPTN. So, don't be sad because God ALWAYS know what's the best for you and your life.

May 7, 2013

Lublu by Kira Plastinina Fall 2013

For the SS 2013, Kira Plastinina already gave a bright collections. Bold prints, tribal theme. So she decided to make her latest collection more feminine with touch of Victorian style. Love at the first sight is the best sentence to describe me now. Yes, I really really love Lublu by Kira Plastinina for the Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 collection. I mean, who can resist these beautiful prints, volume skirts, and dresses?

(image courtesy by Lublu Kira Plastinina)


"Being strong doesn't mean you know everything. Doesn't mean that you can't be destroyed. Your strength is in your ability to rise again after so many times falling. Don't think you'll get to where and when. No one knows. Your strength is simply your will to go on."
Simon Hardiman, Keping 40, Supernova: Partikel.

p.s In the middle of the shoots Riza said, "why don't you guys try to look happy? smile, laugh... try it!"

Riza, "Nah, it's better."
Tita, "So we're not good enough for that sangar faces?"
Riza, "Enggak, kalian mau sangar mau bahagia bagus semua kok."
Ugh :')

May 2, 2013


I make my latest post into two, the first and this one... I didn't have enough time yesterday yet too excited to post the last shoots with Hana and Riza :p

If you notice, Hana wore the different outfit from the first post and in this post. Yes, she changed her outfit after the duet shoot. How niat Hana bawa bawa baju buat shoot kali ini. Saya cuma komentar, "kamu mau pindah rumah atau gimana?"

A few days before we did this shoot, Hana and I were confused about 'what is the main code for our shoots?'. I wanted a strong-look, Hana wanted a girly-look. Aaaaa at first I was about to reject Hana's idea since most of our shoots before was vintage-girly-look, but no, that wasn't happen. We did both! Wait for the other post :D

May 1, 2013

: and )

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya saya bisa acak acak untuk membuat postingan lagi :) Yes, I'd been through those national examinations and alhamdulillah I felt not-so-damn-difficult. Let Allah do the rest, I'd done my best. In this post I'm into floral again and again because I thought a blooming flower means a new great life. Just like me now. I'm a half way to my new great life, as university student :)

Did a duet with Hana and Riza as the photographer... So happy! Since a few months ago we couldn't meet because of the super-padat-ujian-ujian heheheh.

the detail on my skirt
I'll post the other pictures later as soon as possible :D I have to go, have a great great day (and holiday!).