March 15, 2013

"Kau akan mati bersama dengan pendirianmu."
"Atau sebaliknya kau akan digilas oleh perbuatanmu?"

cuplikan percakapan dua orang, sebuah teks drama

March 9, 2013

La Fleur

//Everytime you run away, I'll always gonna find you, you'll always be found
Every place you hide away. I'll always gonna guess it cause you're predictable
Let it be I stay on your back and breath...

...And anywhere the sun would shine, I'm every ray that you feel//
Adhitia Sofyan - The Stalker

March 7, 2013

Vogue Korea 200th Issue

Just known that GD and Taeyang from Bigbang were featured in Vogue Korea 200th issue kyaaaaa *oksigen mana oksigen*

And here they are some of the photoshoots...

source: herehere, and here


It's me singing 2NE1's Lonely in English version... a little bit messy (or supermessy :/) but hope you enjoy it!