February 23, 2013

Monochrome & Leaks

Been leaving this blog for almost one week, so sorry because the exams schedule is already here *tunjuk meja*. Yep, I will face the third round of pre national exams' tests on Monday to Wednesday then continue by practical tests for a week and then written tests. Thinking about it makes me feel like I don't have much time even for taking a deep breath. Ok, super exagerrate. Wish me doing great in the whole exams and promise you more more often to post something here. Cheers!

February 18, 2013

Excuse Me?

//You can't change the way I am
If there's a will, there will be a way
Excuse me, Sir, you don't even know me...//
Mocca - You Don't Even Know Me

Have you ever being judged by others who don't even know you? I bet you guys will say the same answer as me, yes. A big YES. Sometimes I just feel like, "what's wrong with her/him?" knowing someone says a, b, c (the negatives one) about me but he/she never talks to me even a little bit. Funny yet dissapointing. 

One thing that I know, I will never hate a person like that. Never. Family, besties, movies, and songs taught me that there will always be a person or a group that doesn't like us and all we can do is doing the opposite. Share love with them and show them that we aren't like what they've said. Or the simplest one, ignore them and surround ourselves with those who support and bring us positive energy :)

p.s: me in the first pict said, "you can't judge me cause you don't know me." and the second, "ok, whatever. just remember to be perfect in the rest of your life. bye." :p

February 6, 2013

But, Midnight...

Karena malam masih mau menampakkan diri, maka bersyukurlah. Pemikiran abadi ada di tengahnya. Hitungan menit dan semua merasuk semakin dalam dan dalam. Lelah bahkan tak mau mengalah. Ia membiarkan ia berkelana semakin dalam, untuk mencurahkan yang tertahan di siang. Ia membiarkan ia memegang kendali. Sementara bagian ia yang lain tahu, bukan itu yang diinginkan. Ironi? Sebut saja begitu.

Toh, malam masih tersenyum padanya. Masih mampu mengalahkan lelahnya.