January 13, 2013

On 2012

For this post, I made you sets that show what's hot and be a trend on 2012. Actually I'm not kind of up to date girl on fashion who buy these and those, I prefer to wear my mother's or aunt's clothes when they're young and mix them with mine :p

Trend is just an offer, style is always on ourself. Never enforce yourself to follow the trend because you wanna impress everybody outside there, just wear something fits, comfy you, and make you feel soooo confidence :)

By the way, my favourite from last year trend until now is studded thingy. What's yours?

Review Fashion Trend 2012

1. Layering jewelry
2. Leather
3. Baroque
4. Bold prints
5. Neon
6. Spikes & Studs

7. Peplum
8. Tangerine
9. Religious scenes
10. Animal as print
11. Color block

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