January 30, 2013

First Round

Today was the end of the first round of pre-national exam test. Already knew my score for four subjects and haha no good -_- Super failed on math and I felt so guilty, because on the night before the math's test I was fell asleep and studied for all the material in the midnight -_- Hoaaaaah still waiting for sociology's and geographic's.

But, let's move on from those tests thingy (thingy? -_-). Beside surprised by those scores, I was so happy too because finally I could have chit chat time with Sesa, the one that I miss to share everything with.  We chose to try one of the hip drink, milk tea with bubble and so on. I thought the place where we went to was just a stand with some chairs and tables outside a boutique, but no. We could enjoy the drink inside the boutique and yes, cuci mata. I really like the boutique's concept :)

Todays girls: Anita, Sesa, and for the last funny pict, Anisa :)

P.S. Behind Anisa's pict: Anisa was in the middle of gossiping with the girls and I wanted to take candid. But right away when my camera had focused she said, "What are you doing, Tuk?" and... tada! The wow pict of Anisa :*

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