December 31, 2012


Hari terakhir tahun 2012 dan saya merasa sangat sangat bahagia. Yep, banyak banget pelajaran, pengalaman, dan cinta yang bertebaran di sekeliling saya tahun ini :) Saya nggak akan pernah berhenti berucap alhamdulillah untuk semua yang udah saya dapatkan dan apa yang menunggu saya. Tahun depan akan menjadi tahun yang lebih menyenangkan! I'm sure about that because I will have a new life as university student :D

Mostly, people will going out or holding a party to celebrate new year but I've decided to stay at home, spent this night with my family... and here I am writing this post :>

These are the outfit that I wore to meet with my lovelies, Intan, Viki, and Devito. Guess how long we have to wait to meet like today? One and a half months and it's the fastest, believe it or not :|  

Hmmm and these are some of the songs that I listen to almost everyday in 2012 :D

Dochi Sadega - Fluktuasi Glukosa

G-Dragon - That XX

Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle

Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used to Know

She & Him - Blackhole

Be a better person, have a great new story, and happy new year, peeps!

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