December 6, 2012

Hello, December.

I've been missing for some weeks... and so sorry. Aaaaaa senior year driving me crazy lately. Let me say hello to December and did you make your December wishes? Me? Yep, I said to Allah that I want my report in this semester good and I able to get invitation to university next year :) 

By the way, I do my semester tests this week and alhamdulillah I pass on math! Hahaha just fyi, I'm not-so-capable-in-counting-something. So, yeah I'm happy yet the score is minimum score *nyengir*. At least, I did it by myself as always.

Make sure you won't be surprised see my outfit post below. Yes, I'm super-skinny and my arm look likes biting :| Iya, saya sadar kok...

This one is outer-space version :P

May your December is awesome! :D

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