September 24, 2012


Time flies so fast and now I face my last mid semester test. It's good to know that I'll have a new life, university. But in the other side, a little bit sad that more less six months later I have to say good bye to my school's fields... my school's hall where I spent much time there... teachers... friends... :')

By the way, I'm on instagram now! Yeaaaayyy my instagram is swastati. Catch me there, since I was busy doing assignmenst, exams, and courses... Ini blog bakal jarang update. Maklum yah~

Borobudur Temple, Center Java

Borobudur Temple, Center Java

Mom's perfume. Ralph Lauren Romance
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September 8, 2012

Take A Deep Breath

Mulai sibuk dengan tugas - tugas sekolah yang hampir tiap hari ada plus ulangan yang kejar - kejaran. I miss the old day when I took a non-academic courses. One of them, violin course with my senior. Hiahahah although I knew that violin wasn't my passion but still, I wanna take a little lesson more. Seriusan saya nggak bisa apa apa kalo nggak ada music sheet, itu aja yang super-duper-gampang yah -_-

This outfit.... iyasih, mungkin nggak match ya sama badan saya yang super skinnnny itu. Tapi balik lagi, saya kelewat pede kalau udah pake baju yang saya rasa nyaman di saya. Apa kalian ada yang kayak saya? Menurut saya, kadang over-pede emang dibutuhin kok :p