July 31, 2012

One Shoot Is Not Enough

Last time I did photoshoot with my partners was in the last school holiday, in the early July. We decided to dress up and did a little bit make up. We wanted it to be more serious than the other hunting before :p So yeah, took place at Taman Makam Pahlawan and Vredeburg Fort with vintage touch. Here we go some of the shoots :D

All photos were taken by Riza Pahlevi and edited by Hana Aulia

July 30, 2012

Pink Kisses

I know it's not valentine :p But who doesn't love pink? Yeaaaayyyy. Actually I'm not really into pink person. I like every colours, but not really love pink. Today, I opened my mom's wardrobe and found a red-like shirt plus soft pink skirt. Then I fell in love with these two outfit :p

July 28, 2012


Who doesn't agree with that quote? :) Of course as social being, we need others and life is much much much better with friends. I thank God He gives me so many friends (also haters but I don't mind them) so I can learn many things in this life through them. Life is hard sometime and it can makes me down for sure. But with lovely friends around (and gorgeous family) I can be strong, be tough and face everything cool B) Hihi.

July 24, 2012

All The Wild Things

Belakangan ini saya lagi suka banget sama fashion fotografi. Iya, saya amazed mulu tiap lihat hasil jepretan untuk majalah fashion ataupun katalog fashion. Entah gimana, saya jatuh cinta aja gitu sama teknik lighting dan angle yang diambil sama si fotografernya. Sayangnya belum kesampean juga ngelakuin ginian. Someday, I will! hehe. Kali ini juga saya mau posting beberapa foto jepretan Mike Lewis di Bon Bon Magazine. Get ready for these awesomeness? :D

Model : Lauren Wood
Photographer : Mike Lewis
for Bon Bon Magazine

July 12, 2012

Flower Attack and Little Dreamer

The holiday is almost over and today I re-registered for the next semester. God, I'm senior now. Need to be more serious. Hap hap hap!

You know I love taking pictures. Especially pictures of mine mueheheheh *siap digampar sekampung*. And yiihaaaa yesterday I did a photoshoot with my lil sis, my bro, and his phone. I mixed grey floral top with floral skirt and they were match! My lil sis wore her dress as vest. So sorry if the picts aren't good enough. Enjoy your holiday peeeppppsss :D

Love the detail on this skirt <3

Maface please -_-

The picts of the little dreamer :) Cute, eh?

July 9, 2012


1. I'll go to France, mampir Paris, lalu mlipir eiffel.

2. I'll take a photoshoot with androgynous style.

What do you wanna do in the future? :)

July 8, 2012

Enjoy every little things in your life. Regret nothing. Love your family.

July 5, 2012

Alexander McQueen's

Floral-print stretch-jersey leggings
Lace-up leather wedge sandals
Suede ankle boots
Skull embroidered suede ballet flats
p.s: all those pictures I took from net-a-porter, click the link too check the details and prices ;)

July 1, 2012

Lana del Rey for Vogue Japan July 2012

Basicly Lana del Rey is beautiful, plus vintage look and great outfits and accesories on her... That's just awesome. Love it yeay! Photographed by Sean & Seng for Vogue Japan July 2012.