June 30, 2012

Marie Claire Italy June 2012

Moto Show | Daiane Conterato | Xevi Muntane | Marie Claire June 2012

I know it's kinda late to post the June edition of Marie Claire but it's ok, isn't it? :) I love Marie Claire June edition. Moto Show. Lot of studded thingy and can I get the stuff in the 3rd picture? :))

June 26, 2012

Trip Here, Trip There #2

Bahaha I'll post the other picts from last Sunday trip with my family. Let's continue~

Those pictures was taken by me and no edited, just cropped. My mom said those are beautiful and for an amateur I was so happeeey. What do you think peeps? :)

My Lil Sis

Enough for Indrayanti beach and now other beach. Here we go!

Enjoy the picts ;) xx

Trip Here, Trip There

Waaaa sorry for no long time no post, I'd been busy busy busy with school thingy. Ah ya, I'm 18 now and I would say...

Thank You! Thank you for all the gifts, surprises, texts, hopes, and wishes that everyone given to me :)

Aaaand, on Sunday my family and I (except my bro) did a trip. More less like getaway :p From Pindul Cave, Indrayanti Beach, Krakal Beach, and enjoyed the way along home. So here we go the picts.

Pindul Cave

Indrayanti Beach


Too many pictures to post :p So I'll make the second post soon!

June 15, 2012

Don't Rain On My Parade

Well yeah, I got 2 days off because all the teacher went to Kaliurang. So today I decide to watch some videos from Youtube :3 Heaven~ I would share one of my favourite classic song, Don't Rain On My Parade from Barbra Streisand.

Here's the original version of Don't Rain On My Parade in Funny Girl.

And this one sung by Lea Michele.

Both of them are greaaaaaaaaaaattt <3

Keep Calm, It is (not) Mainstream

Keep Calm, It is (not) Mainstream

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June 12, 2012


A week no post hmmm. I had to face the final exams, peeps. But now, yeeeeeay done! Alhamdulillah *dancing*. Because I didn't go to anywhere, I haven't done any random photoshoot again, so I'll post some picts from the last hunting (more less a half year ago :p).

Nisa, Hana, Me, Riza and self-timer camera
Just fyi, Hana and Riza such as great composition. Riza knows how to take a great picts and Hana knows how to make the picts look awesome :) Me? Haha I'm the complement :p