May 22, 2012

Smile and Just Be Ok

Two nights ago (can I say like that?), in the middle of my study, I checked my email and found that Hot Chocolate and Mint had a new post. I clicked the link and found this...

Well, this is the fact that cyber bullying still exist instead I think cyber bullying is so 90s :|

Several lessons that we can take from this post are:
1. Don't judge the book by it's cover. Yes, you just know him/her from what he/she says or wears. But the fact is you JUST KNOW the words he/she says and the clothes he/she wears.
2. Although we don't like someone, I do agree that we can't us rude words. I think everybody has to say something politely even if they don't agree or dislike. Be mature.
3. Why we should hate someone? There are many things more important to think about than just thinking someone you hate.
4. Bad do not need to be repaid with bad. Look how Kak Di replied the comment :) She explained what's on her mind and didn't get angry although Cesca say something rude.
5. Make everything as easy as smiling. When you don't like someone's tweets, don't follow. If you don't like someone's thoughts, don't read, don't hear. And if you don't like mine, the easiest way is, you know that cross on your right corner? Click it :)

Don't be haters, peeps. You know that thing isn't good at all. But if you don't like someone's appearence, thoughs, words, aaanything, better for you to say it. Politely and directly to the person who you are headed.

Sorry for the lack English ._.v Good night!

p.s: I already got permission from Kak Diana, the owner from Hot Chocolate and Mint to post this.

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