April 23, 2012

Pink. Moustache.

Randomly took some picts today after a fun-tiring day at school hihi. Taking picts could be a therapy I though :p Fyi, this is my second pink top in my high school life zz

Love those two-toned-boots

 And yes, I thank God for giving me messy wavy hair :3

Ah ya, good luck for third jhs students! Do the national exams honestly and keep praying :)
Have a great day, peeps!

April 19, 2012


"When haters were busy talkin'
I was busy makin it happen
When they were busy mocking
I was busy walking
When they were busy laughing
I was busy running
And they're STILL wondering
why they're left behind..."
                                                                                                                               -Agnes Monica-

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April 16, 2012

First Victory

Hello hello readers :D hehe so sorry for long-time-no-post again. My mid semester test had done, now National exams (UN) for the 12th grade. Wish they do their best and 100% graduate. Amiin.

Well, I wanna tell you guys that I join with choir at my school called Swara Muda Wijaya (Muda Wijaya Voice). We joined a competition at Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta on Sunday, 8th April 2012. We have to sing Doa Anak Negeri as anthem and we chose Ketipak Ketipuk, a traditional song from Jambi as the selection song. It was the first time for us to join a choir competition and we were nervous haha.

Alhamdulillah, because cooperation from our teacher Bu Irma, the chorister, and the music player, we got third prize! Aaaaaaa so proud proud proud! We never thought that we would get any victory because first, our costume was so simple. Second, it was our first time competition. But hey, simple doesn't mean bad, right? That's what I get.

Below are some pictures of Swara Muda Wijaya. I'll post the video when we on the stage later ;)

 Before our turn, we practiced, prayed, and shouted our yel-yel to cheer up.

And the last three picts are when we knew we got third prize, third place. Alhamdulillah :D Our first victory for our lovely school, Namche. I would like to say thanks to Bu Irma who chose me and patiently taught this choir, Afriza and Dede for the arrangement, and the 17 others chorister for the compactness. We do our best here and we'll do better for the next project :)


April 13, 2012

My Name Says Something About Me

and I have to say that's true...

Wanna know what's your name says? Go here
Have fun ;)