March 9, 2012

World's First Supermodel

Have you ever heard someone named Twiggy?

Yeah, she is an amazing first supermodel in the world, initially known by her androgynous looks, skinny body, boyish hair cut, and strikingly dark eyelashes. She was born on 1949 and she became a supermodel in the mids 60's, which mean that she was 16. Mother of god.

Here's some information that I've found about her.

Lesley Lawson née Hornby, widely known by the nickname Twiggy, was born in north London on September 19th, 1949. She was named "The Face of '66" by the Daily Express. By 1967, Twiggy had modelled in France, Japan, and the U.S., and landed on the covers of Vogue and The Tatler. Her fame had spread worldwide. After modelling, Twiggy went on to enjoy a successful career as a screen, stage and television actress. She has hosted her own series, Twiggy's People, in which she interviewed celebrities, and also appeared as a judge on the reality show America's Next Top Model. Her 1998 autobiography, Twiggy in Black and White, entered the bestseller lists. Since 2005, she has modelled for Marks and Spencer, most recently to promote their recent rebranding, appearing in television advertisements and print media, alongside Myleene Klass, Erin O'Connor, Lily Cole and others. Twiggy is an ardent supporter of animal welfare through numerous societies - an anti fur campaigner, and is known also for her support of breast cancer research groups.

It's like I'm a little bit obsessed to be future Twiggy hueheheh :p I don't know why but when I knew her at the first time, like I had another role model in my life beside my parents. Maybe the most thing I love about Twiggy is that she is thin build (more less like me) but she has a great confidence and she still exist until now as model, actress, and singer (she has a beautiful voice too!). Her confidence and succesful story inspire me, "Ok, I'll become a great singer." Amiiin :D

"I was very skinny, but that was just my natural build. I always ate sensibly – being thin was in my genes," Twiggy Lawson

That's sooo me ._.

Know more? Go click Wikipedia and Twiggy's official site

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