February 9, 2012

What's Up Sun(ny)day #2

Hi, readers :D Few days ago I posted about 5 kinds pose of alay kids(?) When I told all my friends in the photos, they said yang intinya, "OMG malu maluin bangeeet." Well, nasi udah jadi nasi goreng mau gimana lagi. I won't delete that bombastis post *evil laugh*.

Actually, that photos in the previous post were taken on sunny Sunday, on birthday celebration 3 members of Social 3 :) They're Zia, Rika, and Amel (from left) *dancing*

They treated all of Social 3 members to Happy Puppy and ate lunch at somewhere near our school. I superlove that day cause we were gettin' close each other but unluckily some of our classmates couldn't come :(

See? We had a good time when karaoke-ing. Our playlist was so acakadut. From the sad one like Adele's Someone Like You, K-pops, disco beat like Party Rock Anthem, until dangdut Alamat Palsu -_-

Party Rock Anthem. Everybody's shuffling!
Harenda very obsessed with Mr.Simple. Look how he was so excited to dance like Super Junior. LOL!

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