January 13, 2012

You Want This?

You know, I have a big appetite. I can eat more than three times a day and I still slim. Ok, I mean skinny. No, no, I still SUPERSKINNY! That's not a magic -_- Actually I want to be more fat, not really fat. Just plus about 7 or 10 kilos again pleeeeease *pasang tampang kucing melas*.

Like today, I already had lunch at school before praktikum (sori, nggak ngerti bahasa inggrisnya gue), also had a snack. But when I arrived at home I felt hungry again -_- and I took my snacks because I don't want too full.

These are what I have for my afternoon snacks :p
A glass of cold milk, toasts, and nuggets. Yum! :9
Now, I have to go. I have accounting course at five. Cemungut for me :D

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