December 31, 2012


Hari terakhir tahun 2012 dan saya merasa sangat sangat bahagia. Yep, banyak banget pelajaran, pengalaman, dan cinta yang bertebaran di sekeliling saya tahun ini :) Saya nggak akan pernah berhenti berucap alhamdulillah untuk semua yang udah saya dapatkan dan apa yang menunggu saya. Tahun depan akan menjadi tahun yang lebih menyenangkan! I'm sure about that because I will have a new life as university student :D

Mostly, people will going out or holding a party to celebrate new year but I've decided to stay at home, spent this night with my family... and here I am writing this post :>

These are the outfit that I wore to meet with my lovelies, Intan, Viki, and Devito. Guess how long we have to wait to meet like today? One and a half months and it's the fastest, believe it or not :|  

Hmmm and these are some of the songs that I listen to almost everyday in 2012 :D

Dochi Sadega - Fluktuasi Glukosa

G-Dragon - That XX

Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle

Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used to Know

She & Him - Blackhole

Be a better person, have a great new story, and happy new year, peeps!

December 27, 2012

Fantasy; Dancing on the Rooftop

Combination between bored, spontaneous, and narcissistic are...

When you're bored, just thinking to do something useful and fun, at least for yourself. Like what Hana and I did, we treated ourself by taking each other photos :P I really enjoy it, spontaneous thing usually made my day. Enjoy your holiday, peeps :)

December 10, 2012

Warrior Woman

Model : Sharina Gutierrez 
Photography : Andreas Ortner 
Styling : Elisa Gianna Gerlach
for Elle Germany December 2012 issue

First I saw those picture in pinterest, I was in love. Layered-clothes, good expression, and strong pose. That's just really fascinated me. Warrior.

source: here and here

December 6, 2012

Hello, December.

I've been missing for some weeks... and so sorry. Aaaaaa senior year driving me crazy lately. Let me say hello to December and did you make your December wishes? Me? Yep, I said to Allah that I want my report in this semester good and I able to get invitation to university next year :) 

By the way, I do my semester tests this week and alhamdulillah I pass on math! Hahaha just fyi, I'm not-so-capable-in-counting-something. So, yeah I'm happy yet the score is minimum score *nyengir*. At least, I did it by myself as always.

Make sure you won't be surprised see my outfit post below. Yes, I'm super-skinny and my arm look likes biting :| Iya, saya sadar kok...

This one is outer-space version :P

May your December is awesome! :D

November 22, 2012

Tentang Cinta - Melancholic Bitch

Tentang cinta yang menjadi rasa takutmu
Tentang cinta yang mengejar dalam mimpimu
Tentang cinta yang sengit dan selalu menikammu
Tentang cinta yang setajam kebencianku padamu
Tentang cinta yang t'lah memaksamu membunuh
Tentang cinta yang mengejar dan terus mengikatmu

Tentang cinta yang membusuk di lagu-lagu
Tentang cinta yang “betapa ku merindukanmu”

Tentang cinta yang dengki dan kelam membisu
Tentang cinta yang tak juga habis-habis, tak kan juga habis-habis.

Jika saja ada jendela dan jika saja ada jendela
Kau akan mengerti dan tetap mengerti
Ku akan mengerti dan tetap mengerti.
Kau akan di sini dan tetap di sini,
Ku akan di sini dan tetap di sini.
Jika saja ada jendela dan jika saja ada segelas soda

November 5, 2012

I Cheer You

Find your own way, choose your own path, walk on it bravely. Stay focus. Believe in yourself that you'll get what you want.

Banyak banget temen seangkatan yang sampai sekarang masih bingung akan pilihan mereka ke depan. Ada yang jadi ragu sama pilihannya. Di universitas, masalah fakultas dan jurusan. Nggak sedikit juga yang mengadu ke saya. Nggak banyak yang bisa saya bilang. Intinya biasanya kalimat di atas.

Kalau udah punya satu impian, fokuslah, dikejar. Kalau nggak dapet? Itu urusan nanti, ada usaha keras selalu ada hasil yang baik. Plan A gagal, masih ada B sampai Z. Masih ada Tuhan dan keluarga. Ya kan? Motivasi diri kalian, angkatan 2013 :D Tahun depan adalah tahunnya kita. Cheers!

October 13, 2012

Yellow Yellow Is Anyone Home?

A week ago, I got this unbranded basic black dress in a garage sale. So happy because the price was cheap but it still in a good condition :D #bahagiaitusederhana

Black dress, a good outfit to mix and match with. I wore yellow kabaya for outerwear plus Dayak's headband as belt.

By the way, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta holding Craft Carnival #2 today until Sunday. Yayness! Wishing get many great things there. Have a great weekend, peeps :)

October 2, 2012

Celebrating Twiggy's Birthday

Remember that I wrote about Twiggy, the first super model here? Then now, I found her pictures that never have been published! Thanks to Ralph Crane from Life magazine who published it for celebrating Twiggy's 63th birthday.

Twiggy in California, 1967

Twiggy and her mate, Justin De Villeneuve plus couple Sony and Cher, Beverly Hills, 1967

Dance, Beverly Hills, 1967

Disneyland, America, 1967

Disneyland, America, 1967

Disneyland, America, 1967
Happy birthday, Twiggy! You'll always be my isnpiration :D

October 1, 2012

Diam - diam saya mengikuti kamu. Tapi ketika di persimpangan kalau kamu cuma berusaha jalan terus tanpa tahu direksi, saya pilih berhenti. Ketika ada penghalang, kamu terdiam sebentar dan menerobos. Yang kamu tahu adalah kamu berjalan tanpa henti. Saya masih tetap di persimpangan. Memilih mengikutimu, berharap kamu kembali ke tempat saya berdiri, atau saya pilih jalan saya sendiri? Kamu tidak memberi pilihan lain. Sebenarnya kamu tidak memberi pilihan apapun. Saya tidak bisa membacamu, sedikitpun. Saya bisa apa?

-Ocehan dari sudut kanan-

September 24, 2012


Time flies so fast and now I face my last mid semester test. It's good to know that I'll have a new life, university. But in the other side, a little bit sad that more less six months later I have to say good bye to my school's fields... my school's hall where I spent much time there... teachers... friends... :')

By the way, I'm on instagram now! Yeaaaayyy my instagram is swastati. Catch me there, since I was busy doing assignmenst, exams, and courses... Ini blog bakal jarang update. Maklum yah~

Borobudur Temple, Center Java

Borobudur Temple, Center Java

Mom's perfume. Ralph Lauren Romance
All those photos were taken from my instagram. Go follow me ;)

September 8, 2012

Take A Deep Breath

Mulai sibuk dengan tugas - tugas sekolah yang hampir tiap hari ada plus ulangan yang kejar - kejaran. I miss the old day when I took a non-academic courses. One of them, violin course with my senior. Hiahahah although I knew that violin wasn't my passion but still, I wanna take a little lesson more. Seriusan saya nggak bisa apa apa kalo nggak ada music sheet, itu aja yang super-duper-gampang yah -_-

This outfit.... iyasih, mungkin nggak match ya sama badan saya yang super skinnnny itu. Tapi balik lagi, saya kelewat pede kalau udah pake baju yang saya rasa nyaman di saya. Apa kalian ada yang kayak saya? Menurut saya, kadang over-pede emang dibutuhin kok :p

August 28, 2012


I start to write a love letter, when I first met you there
But I still keep it on my secret place
I’m not the only one who adores you anyway
But someday you will know that I am here

I’m just waiting for a moment to tell you
I’m waiting, and I’ll make you all mine
I’m just waiting, waiting, waiting…

I don’t care what people say about who you are and what you do
And all I see is that perfect lies in you
I believe that the time will come and we will be together
Oh I am so in love with you, and I’m falling, Im falling for you

August 15, 2012

Suddenly Sunday

Why suddenly Sunday? Because I'm on holiday now, everyday feels like Sunday (iye maksa abis) and finally owning limited edition new album from one of my favorite indierock band, Suddenly Sunday. Superhappy, thanks for my brother who bought it. Limited edition? Yes, they made the l.e one and the common one. Limited edition album has an unique packaging. Its packaging from wood! Beside cd and lyrics, it includes some photos of the members, notes, and calendar.

And guess whose gladiator are these? Mine? No...

Again and again I wore my mom's outfit when she was young :p Simple kabaya worn as outerwear plus my lovely two tone boots. Not bad, kan?

Enjoy your day, peeps. xx!

August 11, 2012

Isiga Dogru

Model : Karlina Caune
Photographer : Jem Mitchell
for Vogue Turkey August 2012

p.s: source