December 6, 2011

R for Random

The exams almost end, 2 days to go and tonight I will face my passing grade exam at ELTI. Hmmm, I feel like I'm totally pahpoh in this level -_- yep six times absents (bukan contoh yang baik). I'll stop my English course for a while because my parents asked me to take death math course. Math course. dang! I prefer dance class actually. I know you'll laugh u,u But I seriously want to join dance class like Bailamos to practice salsa, tap dance, etc. By the way, if you guys love to dance or interest, join "Kota Cinta" every Sunday in December 2011 at 0 km, 6 a.m till end. It's part of Biennale XI. You will learn bollywood dance :D Sounds great, isn't it? My mum and my sis already join them. I'll join them too.

Exams can cause face like this. Mata panda, sedikit tersenyum, tampang pahpoh -_-

Have your exams done, peeps? Just stay honest ;)

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