November 5, 2011

Birthday & Lot Of Picts! #2

Hella readers! So sorry for this late post because my friend uploaded the photos late ._.v Well, I've told you guys that we had carnival (3's kilometers) and fashion show, right? My class' theme is preppy look and here we go the picts :D

Tugu, Jogja's landmark

Funny, huh? :D And for the fashion show, Amalia (usually called Mbak Amel) and Harenda were the mascot from our class!

They're so cuuute
Other picts...

Dinta, Tania, Mbak Amel

XI Social 2. Theme: Nerd
Unfortunately, I don't have the photos when the fashion show held. How about the celebration in your school, peeps? Share with me :)

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