October 6, 2011

Time For Remedial

Woaaa I will get my middle report on Saturday, 8 October 2011. I already knew some of my exams score, total I have 13 subjects on mid test. Umm, I don't want you to know my score at all, but I'll tell you 3 of them :p

Here we go:
Javanese = 95. Hahah I'm soooo happy. It's the highest score ever on my senior year \:D/
French = 75. That's the minimun score, peeps. Not so good :( but yeah goodbye French remedial.
Economy = 80. I started to think that I wanna take economy faculty in university. Seriously.

Now, I'm worry to face my middle report and find that there are many subjects with under minimum score. Phew. What will my parents do? What will they say? :(

By the way, I have this picture for cheering me up heheh.

Source: kaWanku

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