October 16, 2011

Me As Hijabers

Hello readers! How's your day? Hope you had a great day today :)

Have you known that I'm a moslem? Yea, I know that's not so important to know but I have just told you hehe. Hijabers means jilbabers. I'll post some of my photos wearing hijab.

How 'bout this?

Just for your info, that bottom I wore actually wasn't a skirt. It was pants! Can you believe it? My mom's :p

The last three pictures were taken when my almamater celebrated idul fitri on 7th September and gathered at my friend's house. I'm soooo in love with the last pict. I don't know who took this pict. We shouted, "Namcheee!" ♥♥

P.s: Namche is like my school nickname :) know more about my school? Go here or here

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