October 15, 2011

It's Like I'm Dying

Yeah I know the title is exagarate -_- You know that exams are a terrible and stressful thing to study for, especially knowing that they can make or break your final mark? And yeah I'm sad now because of my middle exams' scores :( From fourteen subject I failed four! *crying loudly*. Just for you know, in my school for most of the subject have minimum score 73 to 75. I got a great rank, but that's just nonsense when my scores isn't good enough? How about in your school, peeps?

But I haven't give my report to my parents. No, I'm not scare that they'll angry to me. That's all my fault and I know I have to study harder than before \('o') Cheer up, Tita!

How's your middle semester exams, peeps? :)

P.s: This is the picture of mine, when my friends braided my hair. My face -_- mmm so cute(?).

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