September 27, 2011

Todays Nonsense

Woaaa the middle semester test had just begun on Monday! I can't say I'm ready or not because actually just some of the material I understand ._.v But for these two days test I feel ok. Tomorrow, economy and javanese. phew. Wish there will be no remidial for meeeh.

Have you got your middle semester test?
Always study no matter you don't have any homework or assignment and be honest on your test. Because cheating only gives short-term benefit. You get a great score at once more stupid.

September 19, 2011

I Want Doc Martens Damn Much!

You know, I wanna have a pair of boots since I was in junior high school. Since I saw Doc Martens in my favourite magazine. I thought, "Okay, this boots is cool! I wanna have it!" But you know, Doc Martens has a good price, the cheapest I know more less $ 34.99. But for me, it's not cheap -_- Haha so I have decided that I have to have it one when I become a young adult :p

Do you know Doc Martens? No? Ah see the information below that taken from wikipedia :)

Dr. Martens is a traditional British footwear brand, which also makes a range of accessories – shoe care products, clothing, luggage, etc. In addition to Dr. Martens, they are known as Doctor Martens, Doc Martens, Docs or DMs. The footwear is distinct because of its unique air-cushioned sole (dubbed Bouncing Soles), upper shape, welted construction and yellow stitching. They are one of the most popular and well-known footwear brands in the world, and are iconic to the fashion industry.

Klaus Märtens was a doctor in the German army during World War II. While on leave in 1945, he injured his ankle while skiing in the Bavarian Alps. He found that his standard-issue army boots were too uncomfortable on his injured foot. While recuperating, he designed improvements to the boots, with soft leather and air-padded soles. When the war ended and some Germans looted valuables from their own cities, Märtens took leather from a cobbler's shop. With that leather he made himself a pair of boots with air-cushioned soles.
The first Dr. Martens boots in the United Kingdom came out on 1 April 1960 (known as style 1460 and still in production today), with an eight-eyelet Ox Blood Smooth leather design. Originally Dr. Martens were made in their Cobbs Lane factory (which is still working today). In addition, a number of shoe manufacturers in the Northamptonshire area also produced DM's under license, as long as they passed quality standards. They were popular among workers such as postmen, police officers and factory workers. By the early 1970s, skinheads started wearing them, and by the late 1980s, they were popular among punks, some New Wave musicians, and members of other youth subcultures.

Some picts of Doc Martens I made as a collage :) Here we go the shoes...

Do you wanna have one too?

September 17, 2011

What I Want Is My Business

Phew... Hari Kamis (15/9) lalu ada kunjungan lagi ke sekolah dari Toyota Jepang dan media massa Jepang sebanyak 23 orang kurang lebih. Mereka meninjau galeri lingkungan yang ada di sekolah. Nice responses :D Bangga juga sih dengan gimana mereka bertanya (in English), "Murid-murid di sini kok bahasa Inggrisnya bagus-bagus sih?" huahahah malu deh :$

By the way, bingung mau nge-post apa -_- Jadi aku ngepost random things lagi aja yah. heheh.
Well, I have a list about some things that I want.

Oxford shoes
Washed jeans

This damn cute wedges
Macaron :D
Who can makes macaron? Gimme the recipe or buy me some yaps.

September 11, 2011

Green School Community

Hello readers :) Well, in my school we have MWGSC (Muda Wijaya Green School Community) which is act in environmental and research.

I'll post some picts which were taken during visited from Toyota Japan.

MWGSC's pin

September 10, 2011

Frau - Glow

Hold me, you shall never ever see me
Blankets will not hesitate me
Flowers shant even wake

Kiss me, 'tis the last time you may see me
'Tis the last time light shall harm me
I shall cry myself to death

Funny, how you never showed your love to me
Lovely, oh the lights I can see
It's gleaming in my eyes like when you

Burned me, tear my skin off and leave me
'Tis the last time you may hold me
'Tis the last time I shall say good bye

- Frau -

Frau is stage name for Leilani Hermiasih and her piano. She is a soloist from Yogyakarta.
One of my favourite song, download the album here legally :)
Support our local music and talents.

September 7, 2011

Take Here. Take There

Hello hello :D Lama tak bersua nih. Minal aidzin wal faidizin, happy eid buat yang merayakan (sumpah telat amat -_-). Gimana nih yang pada lebaran? Mudik kemana? Dapet thr berapa? Oke, ini mulai ngaco.

Kalian yang masih sekolah menengah pasti dapet libur panjang kan buat sambut lebaran? Aku juga loooh dan itu ku manfaatin untuk hunting foto. Yeaaaa.

Biasanya kalo hunting gitu emang ada orang tetap yang ikutan, yaitu Hana dan Riza. Hunting kali ini udah jadi part ke 3. Curang sih, part 1 sama 2 nya nggak aku post :p Ini diambil tanggal 6 September kemaren, dengan semangat membara di siang yang panas kami melaju ke UGM. Iya, UGM tempatnya luas dan kau bisa nemuin spot-spot bagus di sana ;)

Daripada aku kebanyakan ngompreng nggak jelas, yuk mari lihat hasilnya. Hope ya enjoy it!


In front of UGM's mosque

Hana and I have the same eyes!
 Dan kamipun berfoto dengan fotografernya :D