September 19, 2010

17 Random Facts About Me

Kayaknya tiap orang wajib deh ya nulis beginian :) Ini juga inspirasinya dari blog - blog yang aku baca, rata-rata pada nulis random facts atau random things . Aku ikutan deeh :3

  1. I love chocolate 
  2. I love fashion
  3. I love my first blazer
  4. I love my besties (Viki, Intan, Devito)
  5. I like my brother's joke
  6. Sometimes I'm too excited to something and it makes me look alay
  7. I can scream a little bit \m/
  8. I hate my score at sociology *rrrrr
  9. I love spending my time in my room
  10. I hate when someone looks snippy
  11. I love my high school
  12. I love chemistry
  13. I like saying "uh-yeah"
  14. I hate when someone try to scare me with his/her horror story
  15. I love music lesson
  16. I hate cockroach, worm, caterpillar ...
  17. I prefer eat at "angkringan" to "warteg"

Yeah, thats all . Maybe I'll post something like this again :)